I am a tour guide to mexico city

here's a sampling of the kind of tour we offer:

a day of bicycling down the poinsettia lined paseo de reforma to pop into the pair of ultra modern art museums followed by some blue corn quesadillas filled with exotic wild greens, creamy oaxacan cheese & spicy salsa verde...then adjourning to to a tiny mezcaleria for samples of local firewater & hipster watching...
trekking on the metro to a small secret flea market tucked away behind a plumbing district, foraging for treasures, perhaps encountering a colorful trinket that represent old mexico. Later retreating to an oasis of Dona Tila's kitchen, allowing her to ply you with such treats as red mole enchiladas, tlayudas, spicy cerveza cocktails, & the best chicken soup known to man...
plus multiple market meandering, classic & chaotic cantina crawls, mariachis, pinatas, cakes filled with little babies, bird's eye views, and maybe just one sunrise.

have you ever been to mexico d.f. before?


vintage mexicana ebay shop

check out my ebay store. I sell vintage dresses and other items found in Mexico City.


vintage YSL Rive Gauche cocktail dress

I'm fretting over some goodies I have in my ebay store. It's so easy to put something on ebay, sell it for $25, then watch someone sell it for $2500. So, I started researching these designers' dresses and they are pretty valuable...

this label seems to be from 1968 - 1979. I haven't been able to confirm it yet...but the research continues...